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Never Ignore These Earwax Signs !!

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Earwax can change its color and based on it you can determine the health of your ears.

  1. If the earwax is grey and you are not experiencing any symptoms, then there’s nothing you should worry about. The grey color is a result of dust and usually, people who live in cities experience this.
  2. If you notice blood on the cotton swab after cleaning your ears you might have a perforated eardrum. This means that your ears have become prone to infections and you can notice a change in your hearing capabilities.
  3. Having a brown colored earwax means you are going through a very stressful period. You need to relax for a few days, stay away from stress and then check if the color has changed.
  4. If you notice black colored earwax more than once and you have a constant itching, then you should go and see your doctor because you might be suffering from a fungal infection.
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